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Nov 4, 2012 7:00am PST
. administrators say they need to trim costs to pay for new technology and prepare for implementing the affordable care act in 2014. >>> frustrations are rising in new york where almost a million people are still without power. amid freezing temperatures. volunteers set up shelters in the rock aways and queens where residents have no power or heat an they contributed to blankets who just don't want to leave their homes. new york city michael bloomberg has blasted the power company for not doing enough to get the power back on. >> they have not acted aggressively enough. we know they have outages throughout long island but rockaway was hit the hardest. >> it could take up to two weeks for power to be restored in the rock aways. no, city marathon was supposed to be run today up until michael bloomberg canceled it on friday so they could focus on storm recovery. coming up -- new york city and surrounding counties will receive funds from fema to help prepare roads, public buildings and parts. it has approved the money for new york city, nassau anusol polling counties. they also say 122,
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
naked. in today's world of technology, immediate fast access information it just makes no sense the -- makes no sense in the world to lie because the world is transparent. >> point officials say they are conducting an -- port officials say they are conducting an investigation into this. >> let's check in with sal. >>> a lot of people have been joined by people who normally would not be driving or getting around the bay area today. really it's had an impact on everything. let's go to the bridges first. you will see slow traffic. looking pretty slow. whether a 40-minute delay. a lot of slow traffic coming in from the richmond san rafael bridge. let's talk about the east shore freeway, it's been slow and head steady all the way into richmond and berkeley. marin county really is very, very slow. much slower than usual. much deeper than usual. many of these spots getting into san francisco. northbound 101 is backed up to candlestick park to the downtown area. just a lot of people driving is not recommended. if you are to drive just know you are dealing with a lot of slow traffic out ther
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
it's easy >> the company said it's developed technology for elections in france, great britain, india and australia. >>> maricopa made a costly printing mistake on election material telling spanish speaking voters the wrong date. about 2,000 shout date of the upcoming election at november 8th instead of the 6th. the county addressed the problem yesterday with state latino leaders. the department will spend 30,000 printing new flyers and buying ads on spanish language tv and radio stations telling voters of the mistake. >> and i feel very badly that it was made. we have to do something to solve that. we have a few days left. >> officials say printing the wrong date waa mistake, not on purpose and an investigation into how it happened is underway. >> eight billboards in the atlanta area that offer voters a chance to win a gun are raising eyebrows. they say anyone who shows up at a outdoor store with a voting sticker will be put in a raffle but officials say that's illegal. >> everybody needs to talk and learn and be informed. >> the gun store owner who put up the billboards said
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3